Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Best Suit for You!

Choosing a Modbe swimsuit that is right for you may be easier than you think. This year's lineup of Modbe swimwear was designed to cover and flatter all body types, but our shape guide might give you a little extra guidance if you're undecided. Check out the pictures and description below........
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A proportioned body and height under 5'4''

The Halter--- Full cup coverage with gathering and removable padding gives the illusion of a larger chest
The Bandeau--- Gathered padded top that is cinched together in the middle creates fuller look on top
The Rufflr wrap--- Ruffles along the top draw eye upward to create detail and fullness


A full bust and hips, and possible a dress size of 14 or bigger

The Ruffle Wrap--- Ruffles along the tip draw the eye upward. Paired with the black banded bikini or the black skirt, this suit will help you look long and lean.

The Lace Up--- Lace up front brings the chest in, and the V neck opening and adjustable back crisscross ties slim and narrow the body

The Retro--- Adjustable straps, twisted front and busier prints offer comfort and are visually slimming

The Diagnal--- The criss cross back offers support in the right places and the ruching disguises any mid area problems


A straight shape, narrow hips, small bust and not-so-curvy waist

The Lace up---- the V in front and lace up details create visual curves
The Bandeau---- Cinched top and wide straps with fitted mid section provide a curvy illusion
The Halter---- Heart shaped front opening and full bust coverage gives more shape to the figure


Smaller shoulders, bust and waist, heavier hips bottoms and thighs

Wide strap swim tops to broaden shoulders and dark swim bottoms either in brief or bikini cut

The Halter-- Full cup coverage with gathering and removable padding gives the illusion of a larger chest
The Bandeau---- Gathered, padded top that cinched toghether in the middle creates a fuller look on top
The Ruffle Wrap---Ruffles along the top draw the eye upward to create detail and fullness

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Modbe Swim 08

Friday, February 15, 2008


This weekend Modbe is holding a HUGE SALE for President's Day Weekend. Enjoy amazing Modbe items for $10 or less. The sale will start Friday, February 15th, 2008 at 4:00 PM (MST) and will run through Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 at 10:00 AM (MST).
11205 Black ¾ Sleeve XXS $5
11206 Black ¾ Sleeve XS $5
11208 Black ¾ Sleeve M $5
11209 Black ¾ Sleeve L $5
11210 Black ¾ Sleeve XL $5
11211 Black ¾ Sleeve 1 $5
11212 Black ¾ Sleeve 2 $5
11339 Kidbe Cami Rubies S $5
11340 Kidbe Cami Rubies M $5
12010 Capsleeve Sage XL $5
12029 Wide Strap Tank Pink M $5
12030 Wide Strap Tank Pink L $5
12051 ¾ Sleeve Buttercup L $5
12052 ¾ Sleeve Buttercup XL $5
12058 ¾ Sleeve Kissing Pink L $5
12095 Flirt Skirt Rose XL $5
12096 Flirt Skirt Rose 1 $5
12097 Flirt Skirt Rose 2 $5
12107 Fit & Flair Skirt White M $5
12108 Fit & Flair Skirt White L $5
12109 Fit & Flair Skirt White XL $5
12110 Fit & Flair Skirt White 1 $5
12111 Fit & Flair Skirt White 2 $5
12114 Funky Floral Tee Lake M $5
12115 Funky Floral Tee Lake L $5
12116 Funky Floral Tee Lake XL $5
12118 Funky Floral Tee Lake 2 $5
12121 Funky Floral Tee Lime M $5
12122 Funky Floral Tee Lime L $5
12123 Funky Floral Tee Lime XL $5
12125 Funky Floral Tee Lime 2 $5
12169 Classic Polo Kissing Pink S $5
12170 Classic Polo Kissing Pink M $5
12171 Classic Polo Kissing Pink L $5
12172 Classic Polo Kissing Pink XL $5
12173 Classic Polo Kissing Pink 1 $5
12174 Classic Polo Kissing Pink 2 $5
12176 Classic Polo Firecracker S $5
12177 Classic Polo Firecracker M $5
12178 Classic Polo Firecracker L $5
12179 Classic Polo Firecracker XL $5
12180 Classic Polo Firecracker $5
12181 Classic Polo Firecracker $5
12347 Motley Crew Dark Chocolate XL $10
12353 Motley Crew Raspberry Tart L $10
12354 Motley Crew Raspberry Tart XL $10
12360 Motley Crew Baja Blue L $10
12392 Smock Star Well Red XS $10
12393 Smock Star Well Red S $10
12394 Smock Star Well Red M $10
12395 Smock Star Well Red L $10
12399 Smock Star Spicy Mustard XS $10
12400 Smock Star Spicy Mustard S $10
12401 Smock Star Spicy Mustard M $10
12402 Smock Star Spicy Mustard L $10
12406 Smock Star Just Black XS $10
12407 Smock Star Just Black S $10
12408 Smock Star Just Black M $10
12409 Smock Star Just Black L $10
12479 Cool Cardigan Just Black L $10
12485 Cool Cardigan Go Green M $10
12486 Cool Cardigan Go Green L $10
12487 Cool Cardigan Go Green XL $10
12488 Cool Cardigan Go Green 1 $10
12491 Cool Cardigan Grapefruit Diet S $10
12492 Cool Cardigan Grapefruit Diet M $10
12493 Cool Cardigan Grapefruit Diet L $10
12499 Swell Shell Grapefruit Diet M $10
12500 Swell Shell Grapefruit Diet L $10
12501 Swell Shell Grapefruit Diet XL $10
12506 Swell Shell Just Black M $10
12507 Swell Shell Just Black L $10
12512 Swell Shell Go Green S $10
12513 Swell Shell Go Green M $10
12514 Swell Shell Go Green L $10
12515 Swell Shell Go Green XL $10
12518 Swing Skirt Plum Gorgeous XS $10
12519 Swing Skirt Plum Gorgeous S $10
12520 Swing Skirt Plum Gorgeous M $10
12521 Swing Skirt Plum Gorgeous L $10
12522 Swing Skirt Plum Gorgeous XL $10
12523 Swing Skirt Plum Gorgeous 1 $10
12525 Swing Skirt In the Navy XS $10
12526 Swing Skirt In the Navy S $10
12527 Swing Skirt In the Navy M $10
12528 Swing Skirt In the Navy L $10
12529 Swing Skirt In the Navy XL $10
12530 Swing Skirt In the Navy 1 $10
12758 Swing Skirt Naughty Coal XS $10
12759 Swing Skirt Naughty Coal S $10
12760 Swing Skirt Naughty Coal M $10
12761 Swing Skirt Naughty Coal L $10
12762 Swing Skirt Naughty Coal XL $10
12763 Swing Skirt Naughty Coal 1 $10
12764 Swing Skirt Naughty Coal 2 $10

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